The business that rose of the soil

If we call this Era the era of startups, the Era oh high hopes, the Era of courage, then perhaps we might still be able to keep our credibility afloat. Because even in the times of rising and falling economies, and the job losses and the times of uncertainty in the market the young blood is still keeping the flood gates of hopes open for startups.

One such great experiment that started with the idea of connecting market and the possibilities of the far fetched place in the state of Jagannathpuri is Ghiniba, where the group of newbies have showed how an idea with proper management of time and resources with the least possible assistance and funding can grow a brand to an extent that brings it to the club of “making crores ” in India.

Ghiniba brings to you the business from Odisha and provides you with the exotics of the place right from the producers hands to your home, this idea supports the mission of Local for Vocal to the best of it.

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